• Leigh Rodgers named medical imaging operations manager

    Leigh Rodgers, RT (R), has been named medical imaging operations manager at Rome Memorial Hospital announced Sharon Carson, RT (R)(M), medical imaging director.

    “Leigh’s enthusiasm, experience and familiarity with our medical imaging department make her a perfect fit for this position,” said Carson. “She has taken a leadership role in helping our department achieve excellence in image quality, which ultimately benefits our doctors and patients.”


    Leigh Rodgers 
    Leigh Rodgers, RT (R)

    Rodgers began working in Rome Memorial Hospital’s Radiology Department in 1999 as a tech aide. After graduating from St. Elizabeth's School of Radiography in 2003, she advanced to a full-time X-ray technologist at the hospital and was named diagnostic X-ray supervisor in 2011. She has also served as medical imaging systems analyst since 2012.

    Over the years, Rodgers has seen many changes in the hospital’s imaging department. “The changes in both technology as well as our own physical department,” she said. “To me, the fact that our small, community hospital possesses the same technology as major medical centers is very impressive. On top of that, our imaging center was recently constructed with the purpose of creating a warm, welcoming environment.”

    As operations manager, Rodgers works with her staff with the shared goal of placing the patients’ needs first. “Our goal as a department has always been to provide our patients with the highest quality images possible,” she said. “In fact, we have created a program which establishes benchmarks for image quality which must be met by all members of the medical imaging team. This is important because it enables us to identify opportunities for improvement and consistently train our staff to ensure everyone is meeting or exceeding our standards.”

    Rodgers believes that serving within the department in so many different roles for more than 17 years gives her a unique perspective which enables her to give staff input in many different areas. “I think I know every nook and cranny of the department,” she says with a smile. “I have worked in every area of the medical imaging department in one form or another. Knowing both the people and the systems enables me to appreciate the tremendous job our staff does on a daily basis. I am proud to be able to supervise such a group of talented professionals.”

    Rodgers lives in Rome with her children, Ruby, 18 and Aiden, 12.

    Using the latest technology and a team of skilled technologists, Rome Memorial Hospital’s medical imaging department offers a full range of services including diagnostic x-ray, bone densitometry, low-dose CT scan, digital mammography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and MRI.

    The department has been awarded a three-year accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for both of its Computed Tomography (CT) scanners for adults and pediatrics, as well as for its Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), ultrasound, mammography and nuclear medicine services.

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