• April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

    Learn to be proactive and see your doctor, advises Rome Medical Practice Urologist

    Urologist Brent E. Carlyle, MD of Rome Medical Practice Urology, wants men of all ages to be aware of the risks and symptoms of testicular cancer especially during April Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.
    “Testicular cancer is most common in men ages 15-35, but men of all ages can be of risk.” explained Dr. Carlyle.
    Health history, including an undescended testicle, can increase a man’s risk of testicular cancer.
    Other risk factors include:
     Family history of testicular cancer (particularly in a father or brother)
     Being caucasion
     Having had abnormal development of the testicles
    “There are boys and men with testicular cancer that did not have a known risk factor,” Dr. Carlyle noted. “That is why it is important for all men to know their body and be aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease.”
    By practicing monthly self-examinations, you learn what is normal for your body and will be able to recognize a change before the cancer reaches an advanced stage. All men should learn how to conduct a self-exam monthly after puberty.
    Urologists agree that examining a man’s testicles should be part of their physical check-up.
    “Regular screening can save your life,” Dr. Carlyle said.
    Many times a lump on the testicle is the first symptom, or you may find the testicle is swollen or larger than normal. Sometimes tumors can cause pain or a feeling of heaviness or aching in the lower abdomen or scrotum.
    “Remember, changes don’t always mean cancer, but by being proactive and seeing your physician right away, you have the best chances for a cure,” Dr. Carlyle said. “Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable types of cancer, particularly when caught early.”
    For more information about testicular cancer and monthly self-exams, contact Dr. Carlyle or visit http://www.urologyhealth.org/urologic-conditions/testicular-self-exam?article=101.
    Dr. Carlyle and the urologists of Rome Medical Practice Urology, have specialized training and expertise in many aspects of urology including cancer, prostate disease, male and female incontinence, male sexual dysfunction and kidney stone disease. They are trained in laparoscopic and microvascular techniques.
    Dr. Carlyle, Wael R. Muakkassa, MD and Bashar Omarbasha, MD are members of Rome Memorial Hospital’s medical staff and provide 24-hour coverage in the Emergency Department.
    Rome Medical Practice Urology is located in the Griffiss Professional Complex, 267 Hill Road, Suite 300, Rome. Contact the office by calling 315.356.7390.

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